Vegan Oat and Shea Face Mask Cubes

£15.00 GBP



Face mask just got a makeover, we constantly look for ways to make our products zero waste and this cubes are just brilliant .They have all the goodness of a face mask in cubes forms which are pretty easy to use and store .Just half a cube is enough for face .

These face mask cubes are suitable for dry ,oily and sensitive skins no aromatherapy oils are used so hence brilliantly safe for use.

French yellow clay is very good detoxing the skin without stripping skin of its natural moisture ,this clay is very gentle and non abrasive leaves skin squeaky clean and glowing.

colloidal oat meal is a form of oat meal which is specially made for cosmetic use this is not a normal oat flour .Oats are processed in a special way so that we get maximum benefit from tiny amount.

safflower oil is the best for all kinds of skin types and is approved for use for oily and acne prone skin too .

And finally we used allantoin for extra soothing and reduce puffiness and redness after using the face mask.  

How to use:

Take a cube and cut into half ,wet the face and start rubbing the cube it will melt in contact and form a layer on the skin . You can use the whole cube if using on face and underarms . Leave the mask for 10min and wash off with luke warm water or milk for best results.Lactic acid in the milk soothes skin if vegan you can wash the face with any plant based milk.

Available in full size and sample size as well. Sample size come in biodegradable kraft bags.

Please store the cubes in dry and away from sunlight ...and don't wet the whole tin as we dont use any preservatives. 

For external use only/Keep away from children.

Important note: 

Over the time the cubes may develop small white spots which are stearic acid spots from shea butter and nothing to worry...cubes are good to use for 6 months after opening.