Rose Quartz Gua Sha

£28.00 GBP

Gua Sha is an incredibly relaxing and holistic therapy performed using gentle strokes to massage, manipulate and stimulate specific energy lines and points on the face. Gua Sha is both the name of the tool used and the technique. Regular use with use of the Gua Sha boosts circulation – by up to 400 percent it has been reported, taking away toxins and bringing in oxygen and nutrients.

Our Rose Quartz Gua Sha comes in 100% recyclable packaging and its own 100% luxury cotton drawstring bag for storing it in.

How does it help to improve the skin?

By creating a controlled trauma (the short-term flush of redness that you experience), which the skin then starts to repair by making new collagen.

How often should you do Gua Sha?

Recommended use is a minimum of two to five times a week.


  • After cleansing, apply a Facial Oil 
  • Start with the neck: “Always start by opening up the neck. You must release tension from the neck in order to treat the face. It also brings energy up to the face.”
  • Move to your face: Once you’ve done your neck, move to your face, starting at the jaw and working outward to move congestion away from the centre of your face and down towards your jaw. Move your way up the face and repeat with your under-eyes, and forehead. We like to do one side first so that we can see the visible lift.