Penti Cool Daisy Fashion Tights

£9.99 GBP
By Penti


The Cool Daisy Tights are ideal for cooler days when you need an extra layer of warmth in and around your lower body. 

These tights are capable of shaping your form to its most appealing potential while remaining surprisingly breathable and comfy. 

This pair walks the line between sheer and opaque to perfection. 

These tights have a built-in mid-thigh shaper that makes your butt and thighs look firm and perky. 

They'll brighten up any appearance, whether you pair them with boots, sneakers, heels, or sandals. 

You like to wear skirts, dresses, sweater dresses, and shorts... complete the style with one-of-a-kind tights. 

Improves circulation for long periods of sitting or standing, travel, pregnancy, muscular recuperation, and swollen feet. 

The flexibility and durability of this stocking allow it to stretch in stages to fit your size. 

The comfort and elastic high waistband keep them from slipping down. 

Fits perfectly hard to ladder and great for daily wear. 

Tights with control top, stay up, not fall down. 

Added finish to regulate temperature of legs 

Optimal stretch and durability. 

Fashionable and Breathable 

All-Day Comfort 

90% Polyamide - 9% Elastane - 1% Metallic Fiber 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend hand-washing because it is simple to keep clean on a daily basis. Machine washes cold on a gentle cycle and hangs to dry. Tumble dry and Ironing are not recommended.