24K Gold Night Cream - 50ml

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By Jylor

Anti-Wrinkle - Moisturizing - Repairing

For all skin types

Night cream impregnated with 24 carat gold intended for facial care. JYLOR Night Cream effectively moisturizes and helps the skin to regenerate.

In addition to the day cream, the night cream infused with 24 carat gold will help the skin to regenerate. Day and night, the skin does not have the same needs. During your sleep, the skin eliminates the toxins accumulated throughout the day.

The 24K gold-infused night cream will seduce you with its creamy texture, its delicate fragrance and its golden glitter that is always present in our range of JYLOR products.

Why use a night cream?

The use of the night cream is essential for the quality of the skin. At night, our skin is most active, the multiplication of epidermal cells is maximum. Our JYLOR night cream promotes skin regeneration and the elimination of signs of fatigue. When you wake up, the skin is like new, ready to tackle a new day!

Usage Tips:

24K Gold Infused Night Cream is to be used every night. Can be used in addition to the Elixir and Detox Facial Foam infused with 24 karat gold.

On cleansed and dry cleansed skin, apply a few touches of cream all over the face, and always stretch the product from the center outwards.

Finally, gently massage the skin, to make the active ingredients penetrate deeply.


Dimensions: H 5 x W 6 x D 6

Net weight: 155g

Capacity: 50 ml


Made in France