24K Gold Facial Exfoliant - 90g

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By Jylor

Anti-Pollution - Cleanses - Detoxifies 

For all skin types 

Natural scrub impregnated with 24 carat gold for facial care. JYLOR Facial Exfoliant rids the skin of toxins, unclogs pores, eliminates excess sebum and blackheads.

This Facial Scrub infused with 24 karat gold purifies the skin without harming it. Its creamy texture contains coffee particles, natural abrasive grains, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Coffee improves blood microcirculation, which is useful for the regeneration of the epidermis. 

What is a facial scrub used for?

This product will give the skin a boost to get rid of dead cells that stick to the surface of the epidermis. This gesture also helps unclog the pores in order to more effectively remove sebum and blackheads.


We let ourselves be seduced by its smell of chocolate caramel candy, for a pure moment of indulgence. Result? Soft skin and a visibly brighter complexion. 


The 24-karat gold-infused face scrub is to be used once a week. Can be used in addition to Detox Facial Foam, Day Cream and Night Cream infused with 24 carat gold. 

Moisten your face. 
Take a dab of exfoliating product on the fingertips. 
Gently rub the face without insisting, using circular movements. Avoid the eye area. Rinse with cold water to tighten the pores. 
Gently dab the face with a clean, dry towel. 
Finally, apply a moisturizer to finalize your treatment. 

Focus on the fatter area of the face called the T-zone: nose, forehead and chin.


Dimensions: H 15 x W 4.5 x D 4.5

Net weight: 96g

Capacity: 90g


Made in France