24K Gold Detox Face Mask - 50ml

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By Jylor

Antioxidant - Cleanser - Detoxifier 

For all skin types 

Detox mask impregnated with 24 carat gold for facial care. JYLOR Detox Mask eliminates dead skin and toxins that clog pores.

A SPA session at home! The 24-karat gold-infused detox face mask will become your essential Sunday ritual. The skin is a natural and effective barrier against attacks from our environment. The epidermis must breathe and be rid of impurities in order to be healthy.


Thanks to its antioxidant and purifying active ingredients, our detox face mask will eliminate dead skin and toxins that clog pores. This treatment is ideal for people who want to cleanse their skin deeply. It has the same properties as a facial exfoliant but softer thanks to its smooth creamy texture. 

Result? A refined skin texture, a luminous and fresh complexion. 

Usage Tips:

The 24-carat gold-infused detox face mask is to be used once a week. Can be used in addition to Detox Mousse and Elixir infused with 24 carat gold. 

On cleansed and dry skin. 
Apply a layer of product using an applicator brush or with your fingers over the entire face (avoiding the eye area), then leave on for 20 minutes. 
Rinse off with lukewarm water in circular motions and gently dry your skin. 
To finish the treatment, apply a moisturizer or a few drops of serum. 

Hydrate yourself at the end of your mask treatments. In particular with our detox face mask which will tend to dry the skin by eliminating the impurities which clog the pores.


Dimensions: H 5.5 x W 7 x D 7

Net weight: 100g

Capacity: 50ml


Made in France - Product developed in our French laboratories