24K Gold Detox Face Foam - 100ml

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By Jylor

Cleaning - Protection - Detoxification 

For all skin types 

Cleansing foam impregnated with 24 carat gold intended for facial care. JYLOR Detox Mousse rids the skin of all impurities and gently detoxifies.

JYLOR has developed this ultra fine foam ideal for a new skin without damaging your skin. Before applying its beauty products, our skin must be rid of all its impurities.


Daily cleansing of the skin is essential for healthy skin and a radiant complexion. These antioxidant and purifying active ingredients will regenerate tissues, refine the skin texture, tighten the pores and therefore make the skin more beautiful and radiant. 

Let yourself be seduced by its creamy foam texture and its delicious caramel fragrance. Result? Smooth and fresh skin with tightened pores. 


Usage Tips:

The 24-carat gold-infused face detox foam is to be used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Can be used in addition to the Elixir, Day Cream and Night Cream infused with 24 karat gold. 

Shake well before use. 

On cleansed and moistened skin, apply the equivalent of two pumps of product. Massage in circular motions then rinse with clear water. 

Gently dab the face with a clean, dry towel. 
Finally, apply a moisturizer to finalize your treatment. 

Always cleanse your face before applying makeup and after removing makeup. We remove the layers of products accumulated on our skin and we clean the skin to unclog the pores and facilitate the penetration of moisturizers. Your skin will benefit from all the benefits of your creams.


Dimensions: H 14.5 x W 5 x D 5

Net weight: 174g

Capacity: 100 mL


Made in France