Italiana Autumn Knee-High Socks

£6.49 GBP

A unique design accompanies the unfading colors of the spring and autumn seasons. It is a flexible sock that is easy to wash, resistant to the damage caused by oil and similar chemicals, and is inimitable for those who value themselves.
You will feel its warmth against the coolness of the spring months and its freshness with its breathing feature. You can create amazing combinations with flat or high-heeled shoes that compliment your daily and sportswear fashion.
You can create awareness while discovering the beauty that awaits you.

Made in Turkey. High quality Turkish textile.

• Women’s Knee-High Socks
• Unfading Colors Knee-High Socks
• %93 Polyamide - %07 Elastane
• 40 Denier
• Silky Smooth, Durable and Remarkably Comfortable
• Recommended care instructions: Hand Wash inside out, No Bleaching, No ironing, No dry cleaning, No tumble.