Dual Action Facial Cloth Set of 3

£16.00 GBP

Our Dual Action Facial Cloth is double-sided making it ideal for daily cleansing. The ultra soft, bamboo terry side works to cleanse and remove makeup. The smooth cotton muslin side gently exfoliates, boosting circulation and enhancing skin tone. Reusable and eco-friendly. Designed for use with our Rose & Cupuaçu Enzyme Cleanser.

Available as a set of 3.

Our Dual Action Facial Cloth is 100% NATURAL

Muslin side 100% pure cotton

Towelling side 100% pure bamboo.


Rinse facial cloth in warm water, then wring out excess. Massage Enzyme Cleanser over face and neck and gently over the eye area to remove eye make up.

Using the soft terry side wipe away makeup and repeat steps until gone. For a gentle exfoliation use the muslin side to gently massage in a circular motion.

Cloth may also be used as a hot cloth by soaking in very warm water, squeezing out excess and laying the terry side over the face for a few seconds, breathing deeply to enjoy a moment of serenity.

We don't recommend wringing out or overly aggressive twisting bamboo fibres as it can damage the fibres. If you do look after your facial cloth it will provide many months of service.