Penti Cross Shine Ankle Socks

£7.99 GBP
By Penti

These ankle socks are a must-have statement piece for the season. This pattern, which features cross shine from toe to ankle and is worn by many celebrities, offers a stunning bold look. Wear these socks with heels for an instant style boost, or with sneakers for a subtle cross shine. A stylish and sexy style that can be used with any outfit as a fashion accessory.


  • The control top band keeps them from slipping down.
  • Fits perfectly hard to ladder and great for daily wear.
  • Sheer ankle socks with control top, stay up, not fall down.
  • Optimal stretch and durability.
  • Fashionable and Breathable
  • All-Day Comfort

 We recommend hand-washing because it is simple to keep clean on a daily basis. Machine washes cold on a gentle cycle and hangs to dry. Tumble dry and Ironing are not recommended.