Bottom Swimwear & Lingerie - Indonesian Batik - Borneo Green

£35.00 GBP


100% cotton tanga, with a traditional Indonesian Batik print.

Its puffy shape brings a "girly" and refined touch to your everyday underwear. Its high cut highlights all buttock shapes and its elasticity allows it to be adjusted to your liking.

A double use for an eco-responsible approach in order to consume less but better: Swimsuits and lingerie! Who has never dreamed of being able to wear lingerie in a swimsuit or a swimsuit in lingerie? We make your dream come true! designed in Biarritz handmade in Bali

100% Indonesian batik cotton - The + zero waste: It is sold in a traditional square bamboo handcrafted offering box, reusable packaging as you wish (jewelry box, secret box, decoration ...) for the good of our planet .