What’s Your Christmas Shopping Style?

‘Tis the season to drink gingerbread lattes, wear sequins from day to night, play festive songs on loop – and get your Christmas gift shopping sorted.

We’ve noticed there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to Christmas present buying and we all have our own unique ways of tackling the task.

Here’s some festive fun for you. We've identified the five main types of Christmas shopping styles, read on to see which one resonates with you the most – and how to work with it…


The Organiser

When searching for the best Christmas gifts, you spend time researching what your loved ones will like the best. Colour-coded spreadsheets are your friends, thanks to them you have the last few years’ worth of present buying activity to hand so you won’t give the same thing twice. You’re the type who saves up all year for Christmas, never runs out of wrapping paper, and has a stand-by gift to hand just in case you forget someone – like that’s gonna happen!     


Tip: Allow yourself a little room for being spontaneous, as this is where Christmas magic really happens.

Gift idea: Looking for a stand-by pressie? This Body & Shower Gift Set in Champagne & Spice by Betty Hula can be gifted to one person, or split up and given to three people. 


The Secret Present Stasher

You’re a lover of Christmas and desperately want to be organised, so much so that you may even start your gift shopping in the January sales. You’ll search for the perfect present for loved ones no matter what the season – and squirrel them away for the big day. The problem is you don’t always remember where you’ve hidden everything. This could lead to you buying replacement presents – and you run the risk of someone uncovering their gift before you do!


Tip: Storage is the key. Dedicate a large storage box to stashing Christmas gifts – preferably one with a lock. Also, write an inventory of gifts you’ve bought for everyone. 

Gift idea: Looking for a winter gift for a girlfriend? Check out this Bejewelled Headband, which is chic yet cosy.


Discount Queen

There isn’t a discount app or cash back site that you don’t know about. Your knowledge is so impressive you could be a worthy rival to Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis. Your Insta feed is filled with content from like-minded people who are savvy with spending and give you daily inspo. You take your time to consider purchases and will happily wait it out until the price is right. While you love a bargain, you’re by no means basic, and quality is important to you. One of your super skills is nabbing luxury gifts at a fraction of the price for your loved ones. 


Tip: In the hunt for a bargain, don’t lose sight of who you’re buying for. Ask yourself: Will they love it? Will they use it? Do they need it? 

Gift idea: We have a selection of jewellery perfect for Christmas gifting, this Snake Bone Chain Necklace is super stylish and under £15. 


Last Minute Gal   

You thrive on the thrill of leaving everything to the last minute. At school you would leave projects until the eleventh hour, at work you like to skate close to deadlines – Christmas shopping – same. Some might call you disorganised – but that’s not what it’s about. You’re someone who likes to feel all the feelings and live in the moment. Putting off gift buying to the last minute not only gives you an adrenaline rush but you enjoy a Christmas Eve shopping trip to soak up the festive vibes.


Tip: Write a gift list, including back-up ideas in case things sell out – and block out a day for gift shopping, even if it is Christmas Eve!

Gift idea: Take the stress out of gift shopping by going for a theme – like scarves, the must-have winter accessory. We have a fabulous selection of scarves here.  


One For Me, One For You!

Christmas isn’t just a time for treating others, but for treating yourself! While you love buying others the perfect gift, you can’t help but pop a little something in your basket just for you. The downside of this? You can often go over your budget and end up buying things for yourself that you don’t really need. Maybe it’s time to have faith that ‘Santa’ will deliver gifts that will bring you joy. If not, you can always treat yourself in the January sales.


Tip: Stay strong. Keep your focus on Christmas shopping for others so you don’t get distracted.

Gift idea: If you must treat yourself, we have a buy one get one free offer on socks and tights – these Penti Striped Rose Fashion Ankle Socks are so cute and in the deal. You could be matchy-matchy with your bestie.

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