Life can get so busy, sometimes we need a reminder to set aside time for ourselves – one way to do this is to have a pamper evening in the comfort of your own home. As the nights get longer and darker this month, with the clocks going back on October 29 at 2am, it’s the season to cosy up and indulge in some top-to-toe beauty treatments.

Here’s how to create a spa-like atmosphere at home where you can relax and rejuvenate. After all, now and then a blissful night in, bathing, buffing and beautifying is just what we all need…


Set the scene

If possible make sure you have the place to yourself. Create a relaxing atmosphere by playing some chill out music and dimming the lights. Safely light a scented candle – or three, we’re big fans of this Votive Candle Trio Gift Set by Betty Hula. These vegan candles not only smell divine, once they’ve burnt down, the glass jars can be reused with tea lights – and there are even some included in the set.

Put your phone away and set the intention to let go of any worries from your day and focus on your wellbeing.


Bathing ritual

A soak in the bathtub can ease aches and pains, help you have a better night’s sleep, as well as lifting your mood, and softening your skin. We recommend using The Secret Wonder Oil Bath Salts by Betty Hula, combining detoxifying Himalayan salts with a blend of natural oils for the most blissful bathing experience. 

While you’re in the tub, indulge in some exfoliation to slough away dead skin and unblock pores. We recommend Vegan Body and Face Exfoliating Cubes by Sintra Naturals, use these gentle cubes in a circular motion to refresh and nourish skin.   


Hair care 

Let’s not forget our manes! After washing your hair, soak up excess water with a towel and apply a conditioning hair mask. As you do so, give yourself a head massage, working the mask from root to tip, but making sure the mask is well distributed on dry ends. Scalp massage is important as it helps encourage blood flow and stimulates hair growth, as well as relieving stress. 

Looking for a new hair mask? We rate Palm Pwr Hair Mask by Coconut Lane, which leaves locks smelling and looking gorgeous.


Face mask magic

If you ask us, one of the best beauty treats of all time is a face mask. There’s something glorious about putting on a facemask for 5-10 minutes and waiting for it to do its magic.   

During this time, to boost wellbeing take some deep breaths and let your mind wander.

If you want a home facial experience go for Vegan Super Blossom Hydrating Facial by Vitamasques, this nifty sachet includes a three-step treatment with a face scrub, sheet mask and moisturiser.


Pedicure perfection

Going to a salon for a pedicure is a lovely thing to do, but a DIY job can also be pleasing and effective. Start by removing any old polish and soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water or in a foot spa for 5-10 mins to soften the skin. If you’ve already had a bath, you’re good to go.

Next, pat feet dry and buff off any hard skin with a foot file, followed with foot cream. Trim and file toenails, and then apply cuticle oil and gently push back cuticles.

Afterwards gently massage your feet with moisturiser, helping to encourage circulation. Now paint with your favourite polish – who cares if it’s not sandal season! 


Ultimate manicure

It’s best to do a manicure as the last task on a pampering evening so you don’t smudge polish. Soaking your hands before a manicure also helps to soften skin, if you’ve had a shower or bath, this should do the trick.

Otherwise, soak your hands in a warm bowl of water for 5-10 mins with a little hand wash. Make sure you remove any old polish first.

Next, pat dry, trim and file nails. Then apply cuticle oil and carefully push down cuticles.

Apply a base coat to prevent staining the nail, once dry, follow by painting on your favourite polish. Painting on a top coat will help to prevent chipping and give a professional glossy look. 

Before you go to bed, slather on hand cream – if you have manicure gloves, pop them on to lock in moisture and reveal super soft hands in the morning.  


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and product recommendations for the perfect pampering evening at home – and maybe even make it a regular event!  


Libre London