The days seem to pass quicker than we realise. Summer has certainly been fun, at least for most of us. Now that autumn is just right round the corner, it might be a great time for us to think about the possibilities that lie ahead.


After spending over a year at home amid the pandemic, it’s high time that we replace the loungewear that we’ve gotten used to wearing and refresh our wardrobe.


While there's certainly nothing wrong with sticking with your favorite pair of sweatpants or pajamas, thinking about fresh ideas for your outfits for the coming months might also be a great way to spend your time. After all, we might be called back to the office (or school) any time soon.


When you think about autumn, browns, reds, and amber always come first into mind;  but for 2021, we want to start our recommendation with super-saturated colours.


Nudes and neutrals are always the safe options; but for this season, we want to try out something bold, super-saturated pops of color that command attention. If we’re not going to try out this trend now, then when? We’re also not the only ones feeling positive about this trend as we also noticed the same being adopted by super brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tory Burch, and others on the 2021 runways. These cool colour ways are going to be everywhere.


Following our contrarian recommendation, we also think that unusual greens will make the headlines.


We noticed that green is gaining some popularity nowadays; this might be because we are longing for the outdoors. As broad as green is, we think that yellow-tinged, vegetal, and olive green will be the ones that will make a splash this season. These shades are certainly strange, but you’ll find that they’re easy to pair with the rest of your existing wardrobe (such as black or brown).


Of course, this article wouldn’t be a legitimate recommendation if we won’t include subdued yellow and its variants.


An autumn collection wouldn’t be complete without including yellow. This color continues to represent something warm and happy amidst an otherwise gloomy season.


You can either choose bright yellows to darker shades such as mustards. Usually, you can pair your yellows with complementary colors such as orange and green; however, choosing a subdued yellow share with rich brown is also a rewarding choice. The great thing about investing in clothes in yellow is that you can wear the same pieces even during spring and summer too.

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