Those who have been in a situation where you’ve been caught off guard and have to rummage through your bag for that much-needed retouch can certainly relate to how important it is to maintain a bag containing your must-have makeup essentials.

We don’t have to bring our makeup box all the time to be good-looking. All we need is to bring a few must-haves and we are all set. Now, the main question is - “what do we need to bring?”

To help determine what to keep inside, we've come with an imaginary bag containing every makeup item you need. When we were brainstorming on which items to add to our kit, we considered all activities which you may be into, whether it’s the usual on-the-go touch-ups, a weekend getaway, or you want to make it part of your daily makeup routine.

A Compact Neutral Eyeshadow

Let’s be realistic; you’re not going to be able to try out all the shades in your current eye shadow palette. You might as well spare yourself the added weight and choose a more compact yet highly dependable eyeshadow palette. The Vegan Eyeshadow Quad Palette 01 Naturelle from BAIMS is a good option for this.


A concealer is a must-have to give your face that fresh look even though you haven’t had a minute of sleep for the past 24 hours. Kidding aside, this is definitely a must-have to give you that boost of self-confidence when attending social events and events. This concealer from BAIMS is rich in vitamin E and vegetable actives like sweet almond and Jojoba, and provides extreme hydration and nurturing. With its light texture, creamy appearance, and rich pigmentation, the concealer disguises wrinkles and sunspots effectively.

Foundation or BB Cream

Some of us do not have the luxury of having an even complexion. Not all is lost, as we can easily remedy that by using a foundation or BB cream. BAIMS’s BB cream is a powerful nutrient for the skin, which is revitalized and gains a shining appearance, leading to a fresh and comfortable feeling. It is rich in tropical vegetable compounds like argan, babaçu, buriti, and açaí. It is compatible with all types of skin, especially for aged or dry skin that needs intensive hydration, nutrition, and care. You can apply it in multiple layers until the desired coverage is achieved.


A makeup kit will not be complete without lipstick. If asked which shade unleashes your dormant self-confidence, then a red one fits the bill. This lipstick from AudreyBurn is a great option. It sports a desperado color, a brick orange-red, which is highly pigmented and comes with a high-end velvet touch texture. It consists of vegan ingredients and it’s a paraben and fragrance-free formula. We designed it so that no matter what you’re doing, the lipstick will last throughout most of the day.


Another must-have in every makeup kit is your dependable mascara. Our eyes are one of our strongest assets, so it’s just right to “dress” them up. This black mascara from Lash Perfect has a soft creamy consistency that is perfect for creating a voluminous lash look. Instant volume is achieved with just one sweep; it’s long-wearing and easily removed. It is perfect for those with sensitive eyes and since it’s oil-free, it is also compatible with most eyelash extensions.


So, that’s it! Five of our makeup essentials that every makeup kit must-have. You don’t have to bring the entire makeup toolbox with you every time to look your best. With a few touch-ups and a little bit of self-confidence, you will certainly go a long way. To learn more about the products featured in this blog, please feel free to visit

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