Magnetic Tweezer - Lash Applicator

£12.00 GBP

The ideal tool to help you apply magnetic lashes in a flash. These tweezers help take away any struggles with application and are the most hygienic way to apply lashes.

The curved design of the tweezers match the curve of the natural lash line ensuring lashes are perfectly placed.

  • V Vegan
  • Apply magnetic lashes with no fuss
  • Curved design allows for the precision application of lashes
  • Ideal to use with strip lashes too!

Load Magnetic Lashes on to the applicator with the tips facing the base of the applicator.
Bring the applicator up to the eye, resting it on top of the natural lashes.
Slowly squeeze the applicator to join the sets of magnetic lashes together.


2cm (d) x 12.7cm (h)

Net weight

20.1 g

Stainless steel