Do you ever gaze up at the Moon in awe? This month, there’s plenty to see with two full moons gracing the skies on 1 and 31 August 2023. When this occurs, the second full moon in the month is known as a blue moon, and it’s thought to bring luck and blessings. This particular lunation is also a supermoon, as it appears larger and brighter in the sky because it is in closer proximity to the Earth. 

A blue moon is a rare occurrence, hence the saying ‘once in a blue moon’, appearing every two – three years; the last time we saw one was 31 October 2020 (Halloween).

Let’s delve into the mysticism of the blue moon and how it can help to empower us this month...


Folklore and the Moon

The Moon has been celebrated throughout time and by ancient cultures the world over as a source of magic and mystery. In Native American tradition, August’s full moon is called the Sturgeon Moon, this is because at this time of year sturgeon were abundant in the lakes of North America. In Old English, it was commonly known as the Grain Moon, given this was a time of harvest in the UK.

Both are thought to be a time of abundance, when food is harvested ahead of the autumn and winter months. Given that we are halfway through the year, it’s a good time to take stock of your achievements so far and take pride in how far you’ve come. 

Oh and if you were wondering, a blue moon doesn’t appear blue in the sky, it’s not clear why it goes by this name.  


How to celebrate the blue moon

Generally speaking, full moons are a good time to focus on wellbeing, relax, and express gratitude for good things in your life.

The Moon is connected to the element of water, feminine energy, intuition and emotion. Some people find they feel unsettled and sleep badly around the time of a full moon, or may experience vivid dreams. 

If you’re feeling affected, try taking a relaxing bath with a favourite soak, we recommend Coral Beach Bath & Shower Gel by Guava & Gold. Safely light a candle and make the intention to fully relax and switch off from social media (put down your phone!). Let your mind drift, and if any uncomfortable thoughts come out, acknowledge them and let them go. The blue moon is a powerful time of releasing the things that no longer serve you – from nagging thoughts to old habits.

If you don’t have a bath, a shower will work too. Whichever you choose, as the water pours away, visualise any negative emotions being washed away by the water and going down the plug hole.


Astro elements

In terms of astrology August’s blue moon is in dreamy Pisces and invites you to explore your dreams and desires. Indulge in daydreaming, you may find that answers to problems suddenly appear, and you are buzzing with ideas. This is a good time to explore your creativity whether that’s journaling, photography, trying a new make-up look or experimenting with your wardrobe.

On the flip side, it can be easy to be lost in your own thoughts. If you feel the need to be grounded, go outside and feel the earth on your bare feet.  


Lunar crystals

This may sound hippy dippy, but if you have any crystals or crystal jewellery, safely clean them and leave it in a place where it can soak up the moon light. Notice how your crystals appear brighter afterwards.  

If you want to feel a greater connection to the Moon’s inspiring energy, crystals including moonstone, selenite, labradorite will help with this. Try wearing these gems, or placing any of them near your bed.


Learning more about moon cycles

If you want to learn more about the Moon, its cycles and how to work with them, we suggest following author and expert Yasmin Boland.

Another of our favourites are The Astro Twins, founders of AstroStyle and astrologers for Elle USA. Not only do twins Tali and Ophira Edut know about the Moon, they also have some great fashion tips on what to wear to suit your zodiac sign.

After August 2023’s blue moon, the next time we will see one is 31 May 2026, so enjoy this special time – and the last days of summer.  

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