Colours play a crucial role in our daily lives—some people may feel energised or gloomy depending on the colour of the clothes they wear. Autumn is a season usually associated with various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. But this year, you might be in for a surprise.


The greatest autumn fashion colours in 2022 are said to be vibrant and stunning, ranging from shades of orange to tantalising lime greens to classic autumn browns and greys. Even if you prefer to keep your colour palette simple and minimalistic, try to make use of this season to experiment with your outfit.


First on the list is Pacific Ocean blue—this hue has been gradually dominating the runways over the past few seasons and has now reached the street. Slip into the look by wearing a tie-dyed tank top first and the Pacific Ocean blue pants, and you’ll surely stand out among the crowd.

Next, you can try on deep orange—this colour received recognition for being the colour of the season. Style the striking hue in a full-body ensemble with a handbag or catchy accessory.

Zesty lime has made its colour debut in tight-fitting dresses, men's style jackets, and even accessories. Autumn maxi dresses and knitwear also featured mellow yellow, which is a close sibling.

Lime Punch, a hue Pantone has named for this season, is also another colour enjoying the “limelight” (pun intended) on the streets of Copenhagen in the form of silky slip dresses, jackets, and even boots. If London's street stylers are any indication, lime will be used quite a bit during this year’s Autumn collection.

Hot pink is undeniably having a moment right now too. Partly owing to its recent rise to popularity with Barbicore, this shade of pink is being featured on some of the most stylish insiders in fashion. A surefire way to give this colour justice? Do a pair of leather pants in bright pink.

Of course, this list would not be complete if we neglected to mention the classic autumn hues like grey, vanilla-latte beige, and brown. These colours were also on show for anyone wishing to dip their toes in the bright water in a more neutral manner. Additionally, because wearing pure white is a timeless look, there are off-white variations that look more seasonally appropriate for autumn.


Final Words

Autumn is one of the most interesting times to get out and try new styles. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to confine yourself to the usual autumn hues of amber, orange, brown, or white. If it’s any indication, 2022 would be an exciting time to try out bold hues such as Pacific Ocean blue, hot pink, deep orange, and lime. If you’re the minimalistic type, you can still do your fashion experiments by choosing different shades of the usual staples. After all, this is all about self-expression. There's no right or wrong way of expressing yourself.

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