Baims Vegan Mineral Bronzer & Contour 20 Amber

Baims Vegan Mineral Bronzer & Contour 20 Amber

SKU: LIB210092

by Baims Natural Makeup


  • Vegan
  • Mineral Make-Up
  • 100% natural
  • Certified organic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Can be used as bronzer, contour and eyeshadow. It is also perfect to fill-out the eyebrows.
  • 9 g


  • Formula with delicate texture which is spread evenly and softly generating a perfect vanishing and smoky effect on the skin.
  • Contains vegetable oils deriving from Açaí, Apricot kernel and Shea butter which guarantee a perfect nourishing effect and fantastic skin care.
  • Here is where design meets sustainability: unique bamboo packaging with refill function, all mineral powders are available as refill.


How to use:


As Bronzer:


Use our 80 – Large Angled Brush or 85 – Powder Brush and apply smoothly with circling movements at those areas where you wish to leave a bronzing effect. If you wish, apply a small quantity as well at the throat and cleavage to harmonize with the face bronzing.


As Contour:


Use our 80 – Large Angled Brush and apply softly below the cheek, at the side of the nose and directly below the jaw in order to refine the face, creating a beautiful effect between light and shadow.




This product has a high pigmentation, please be careful when loading the product with the brush.