Baims Vegan Concealer 10 Light

Baims Vegan Concealer 10 Light

SKU: LIB210091

by Baims Na​tural Ma​​​​keup​​


  • Vegan
  • Mineral Make-Up
  • 100% natural
  • Certified organic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Ideal for lighter skin or to highlight certain skin areas.
  • 4 ml


  • Rich in natural vitamin E and vegetable actives like Sweet almond and Jojoba providing extreme hydration and nurture.
  • Especially created for the delicate region below the eyes.
  • With its light texture, creamy appearance and rich pigmentation, our concealer disguises effectively wrinkles, sun spots and spines.
  • Perfect long-lasting coverage, does not dry out.
  • Our concealer provides a lifting effect.
  • Very appealing packaging predominantly made of bamboo.


How to use:


Apply the product with your fingers or our 50 – Mini Angled Kabuki below the eyes or where you wish to disguise imperfections of the skin. Use your ring finger for soft hittings until you reach a natural finishing.




If you wish to fix the concealer for a longer time use a fine layer of our Mineral Pressed Powder before or after applying the concealer. If you want to achieve a glowy finishing use our Translucent Pressed Powder.


You can apply our powders or liquids in the order you wish without risking cracks as we don´t use synthetic ingredients and neither silicone in our formulations.  




In case you use a moisturizer or sun protection below the make-up, make sure that this product does not contain silicone as this could negatively affect the performance of our products and the result may not be as expected.